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I've been in your situation before, just like you I've spent hours and hours searching for the perfect icebreaker games and struggled because there were not enough resources.

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect icebreaker games for your group event?


You do not have to look any further. The Chunky Penguin e-book collection has a lot of totally awesome group games and icebreaker games just waiting for you!

Why you might ask? I teach a high school yearbook class that depends on TEAM WORK to get the job done, I also work as an ASL Interpreter working everywhere from business meetings, seminars and other group events where cohesion and success is vital, I have also been a youth leader for a number of years where it is necessary to teach a concept and KEEP THEIR INTEREST at the same time. My experiences have taught me that it is crucial as a leader in any situation to provide a planned and controlled atmosphere where friends and strangers alike can feel comfortable AND have fun, while you accomplish your objectives.

Have you ever been to a meeting, class or event that absolutely bored you to tears?

Or worse, have you ever hosted one that bored everyone to tears? Eeek! What should you do?

An absolute sure-fire way to keep interest is to make it fun and to make it fun and to do that…

"You must be prepared!!!"

It has been proven that people learn better when then are enjoying them selves, so it is important that you make your lesson FUN. This does not mean you need to dress up like a clown and juggle bowling pins, although that would work… It means you need to keep their interest and stimulate their thought and cognitive processing with activities that promote learning, thinking and evolvement.

Is your objective to…

  • Create interest?
  • Promote team building?
  • Improve communication?
  • Spark creativity and innovation?
  • Increase cohesiveness?
  • Recognize unique skills and abilities?

If you said "YES" to any or all of the questions above…

You need this book!

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This is your chance to make your next class, conference, or small or large group party into a fun, fruitful, and beneficial activity for all. compiled this collection of the totally coolest icebreaker games for you who may need ideas in ample supply. When you buy this icebreaker e-book you will find teaching games, team building games and even games designed to help people communicate and correlate.

Our e-book is perfect for…

Settings For Group Games Ebook

You name it… we got one for YOU!!!

Whether you are in charge of a youth group for a church or school, or you need to add a little pep to social or corporate type event. These activities fit all occasions and are sure to promote "teammanship" and add a little spark and energy to your gathering. Its one thing to teach, its another to make it fun while doing it.


With all of these possible ideas you are guaranteed to find an activity that is perfect for your event. Your know-how along with one of the great ideas from our e-book will make everyone fell like the time they spend with you was fun, beneficial and productive.

You will not find this many QUALITY Team Building Icebreaker games availible anywhere else on the web.

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