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The Truth About Corporate Team Building Events

Unfortunately, corporate team building events have acquired a bad rap. Often when these events are announced, there is some moaning and groaning. The reason this has happened is because poorly done events have given them all a bad name due to ineffectively played-out icebreakers, repetitive role playing, and forced, fake friendliness.

While certainly some team building attempts have missed the mark, these occasions overall can actually be a lot of fun and more importantly can provide plenty of great benefits. A well-done event with high energy and a variety of activities can really give a team a much needed boost in attitude, motivation, and success rate.

The Right Attitude

Many corporate team building events go wrong because they only tell employees to have a good attitude. While attitudes are known to be contagious, you can’t infect your workforce with positivity by simple instructing them how to be upbeat. The end goal of a successful event would make people feel upbeat.

If all team building activities are fun and enjoyable, led by positive people with an excellent outlook, these corporate team building events can give effect employees attitude by osmosis. When sincerely positive leaders and role models have a great attitude, that can rub off on the team.

Because the team gets this more positive, upbeat attitude together, they are more likely to look at the event, and the colleagues they attended it with, in a more positive light. This attitude helps bond them together even more tightly as a team, helping this constructive approach continue long after the activities have ended.

More Motivation

Building motivation is generally the key goal of these type of events and the sooner you recognize that people are human the better off you are. People are like toys, some need to be wound-up to work, some need their batteries charged regularly and some break if you’re not to careful with them.
Team building activities help to not only create more positive attitudes, but they can boost morale as well. A group of colleagues that has a positive attitude and high morale will be more motivated to get work done, and get it done well.

Additionally, these activities help to motivate the team members by making them really, truly feel like they are part of a team. Once they feel like a cohesive group, they will be more motivated to pull their weight and not let any of their other team members down.

Guaranteed Success

Regardless of what your company or organization does, you want your team to be successful. Team building events can help do just that.
By having a positive, motivated workforce that truly feels like a team, you almost have guaranteed success of the end goal, whatever that may be. These events get everyone on the same page, working together to successfully achieve an end. With everyone putting their mind to completing the same aims, your team is now more likely than before to be successful as they are now putting their all into their work.


There are many things you can do to help infuse your team with a positive attitude, more motivation, and almost guaranteed success. If you really want maximum results, however, corporate team building events are likely the best course to take. These are great occasions that also build loyalty, create real friendships, and help your team to see what big things they are truly capable of when they work as a team, aiming for greatness.

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