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Setting Your Team Up for Success

When you set out to develop a work team or take over an existing team, consider placing your personal ambition on the back burner. You are the team leader. You are responsible for directing the team and leading its members to success for the benefit of the organization.

How you start off with your team will hugely impact their early success. Develop a plan for presenting yourself effectively as a positive leader. Be sure to include planning for how your team will be expected to accomplish the goals you set. Find opportunities to reassure team members that you will be supportive by providing regular feedback.

Once you have laid out a plan for your team and the team members are personally invested, you have to live up to your end of the deal. If you truly want the team to succeed, you will follow through on the commitments that you made at the beginning.

You will also seek new ways to provide assistance to each member and to the whole team. You can work on your two-way communication and improve your listening skills. You can take on part of the team’s work during stressful periods.

Whatever you do, your job depends on the success of your team. Set them up for success by making a commitment to providing what they need as they develop into a cohesive group. When you build on their strengths and weaknesses, your team will become a group that depends on your support.

If you fail your team, then they will have no motivation to succeed for you. Being a team leader is about living up to your promises and truly wanting the best for the people who make you look good. Set your team up for success!

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