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Add Group Games To Your Arsenal

Group games are probably the most interesting team building activity in your arsenal and they are also known for their positive effect on the team. It might sound strange to use games in order to build a team but since kids learn by playing and adults are nothing but grown up kids, it is obvious where the positive effect comes from.

Group games are a way to learn and relax and this is what makes them so useful and appropriate for any age. In a sense, this is the perfect learning tool – useful and fun. Of course, you use different games for individuals of different ages but very often even adults are enthusiastic to take part in a game they used to play when they were kids.

You also use different games for different situations because you are after different effects. This is more than obvious but if you choose the wrong game, all your efforts to build a team might go in the wrong direction and might make participants show resistance, which certainly won’t help you to achieve your goals.

There are many places where you can use small group games. For instance, they are great as an ice-breaker. You can use them as team building activities in new teams, when the individuals don’t know each other because these games reveal personality (.e. a leader, a follower, a dominating type, a cooperative type, etc.) and how each individual interacts with the rest of the group.

Depending on the purpose of the game, it can be used to explore personality or to teach new skills. For instance, one of the best uses of small group games is to develop communication skills, which are so valuable in today’s society. When the participants interact in an informal atmosphere, it is easier to teach them what role they are supposed to play and how to communicate with the rest of the team.

1. There are many approaches to team building and small group games are among the best. When games are used, this has a positive effect on the team. This effect is due to the fact that humans, no matter if they are kids or adults, learn with ease when playing.

The main advantage of group games is that they are a relaxing experience, yet they contribute to learning. What else would you want from a learning tool? Sure, depending on the age of the participants, you would use different games. When so many games for different ages are available, your options are numerous.

In addition to age, another factor you need to consider when choosing the small group games for your team is what you aim to teach. It is important to pick the right game because if you don’t, your team might be unwilling to take part in the activity and this can compromise the whole idea.

You can use small group games for many purposes. One of the most common uses is as an icebreaker because these games help to establish contact with the rest of the group. That is particularly useful in new teams, when nobody knows the rest of the group and is cautious to initiate a formal contact.

Small group games can help to reveal the personality of the people in your team. When people play, they show their true self, which they would otherwise hide. For

instance, a game can reveal if a person is cooperative or selfish, if he or she feels more comfortably as a leader or as a follower, etc. When you know these behavioral characteristics of the people in your team, you will get a more realistic idea about what you can expect from them and which areas in their personality are a candidate for improvement.

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